Headteachers Welcome

Thank you for considering CSE Murcia for your child’s education.  We are a unique school in that we treat your child as an individual tailoring our teaching and curriculum to their needs.  We do not tailor your child to become the same as every other student. 

We are here to help you, if you have any questions my staff are more than willing and able to help.  Please contact us for a personalized quotation, the education you dreamed of for your child is more affordable than you think.

A Different Approach

What makes CSE Murcia International the place for your son or daughter?  Firstly, we are not a normal school.  Most schools take children from a variety of backgrounds, put them altogether in a class of 20 – 30 other students and follow a pre-set, often National Curriculum.  This has advantages, every child receives the same educational diet, but not every child is the same.

This is where we are able to offer your child something special, something unique, tailored to their needs, their strengths, their interests.  Of course, it is important that children have basic skills but not at the price of creativity.  Many people have discovered in the 2020 pandemic just how restrictive the standard education system is, how it kills creativity.  The one size fits all approach to children of different sizes or, to put it another way, a system where we take children of all different shapes and make square children fit round holes by knocking off the corners of creativity.  Although this is an American video I feel it expresses the point exactly. 


 Albert Einstein said, “Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is a failure.”


A typical tutorial room set for a class of two students

It is time to allow your children to be free, creative and educated.  We accept differences and we work with you to provide your son or daughter with an education for the future. All our teachers are passionate about our dream of an education personalized for your child. Of course exams are necessary when you need to prove your level, and this is why we are a registered Cambridge International Exam centre.

Many education directors across the world agree that things need to change, but say they can do nothing about it.  WE CAN.

Education is not a mechanical system, it is a human one and not everyone will fit the mechanical systems of the UK, Spain or any other system designed to educate the masses.  Children are not numbers or machines; they are human.  Let your children thrive and allow us to educate them in a way that will encourage their creativity, and a love of learning that will allow them to develop lifelong learning.

‘Creativity is as important as literacy and should have the same status.’  Sir Ken Robinson (chairman of the UK government 1998 advisory committee on creativity and cultural education). 

Mission, Vision & Aim


To inspire each child to achieve their individual personal goals and prepare them to become Global Citizens; respectful and considerate of others by providing them with an Education for Life.  We believe that small is beautiful. Our low student ratios create a stimulating and challenging environment, both personally and academically.  For us, learning is an interactive and exciting journey of discovery.  Close parental partnerships enable us to provide support for home-educated students.


To encourage students to aim high and achieve personal examination success, thereby opening doors to further and higher education.  We develop their critical thinking skills and provide quality feedback and next steps, so that students can build successfully as they progress with their studies. We value the close relationships we have with parents which enable the best progress for our students, alongside good relationships with the students themselves. 


To bring out the best in all students who come through our doors.  We provide a stable support programme for home-educated students, offering expert tuition and preparation for IGCSE exams.  We are able to utilize the expertise of professionals from industry to expand the students’ application of knowledge.  In addition to foundation subjects, we offer specialist subjects either in a supporting role for home-educated students or as the main educational provider. Through our Academy, we can provide extra-curricular language activities.

Why Cambridge International


Cambridge Assessment International Education is the world’s largest provider of international education programmes and qualifications for 5 to 19 year-olds in more than 160 countries.  The Cambridge international curriculum sets a global standard for education and is recognised by universities and employers worldwide. It is flexible, challenging, and inspiring, culturally sensitive yet international in approach.

The programmes prepare school students for life: stretching, challenging, inspiring and thereby helping them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning.  By becoming confident, responsible, reflective, innovative, and engaged, they are ready to tackle the demands of tomorrow’s world; capable of shaping a better world for the future.

Good assessment is at the heart of a good education. The assessments are designed to be fair, valid, reliable, and practicable.  Cambridge students can be confident that their qualifications will be valued by universities and employers across the world.

Part of our library area

The Teaching Team


Humans are naturally different and diverse.  For this reason, we teach a broad curriculum that speaks to people as human beings. Whatever your field of interest, we will endeavour to support you.

Curiosity is the engine of achievement and children are naturally curious and creative.  Curiosity + investigation + creativity = learning

Our teachers facilitate learning.  Teaching is a creative profession: mentoring, stimulating, provoking, and engaging.  Where there is no learning, there is no teaching and thereby no education.  Our team are dedicated to enabling education for every student.

By supporting secondary education, we build an equal partnership between teachers and parents and through collaborative learning, students work together to apply the knowledge acquired in practical ways.

Here our teachers introduce themselves:

Bios about the teaching team …

Flexible Education

Creating a climate of possibility



We believe the Curriculum should be differentiated to suit the individual needs of each unique student.  Only then can students receive the best possible education and be prepared for future success.  As a result, most students benefit from shorter timescales to exams.

Unlike many schools, where it is common for a student to sit at a desk listening to the teacher or taking notes for an exam, we try to provide a student-centred environment with differentiated learning.  Research has shown that students are more engaged with their learning through this approach and achieve more than in traditional classrooms.  The overwhelming majority of learners do best with hands-on learning, group work or learning through images and sound.   This allows and encourages our students to work more independently.

Each student is given a learning styles questionnaire followed by a detailed interview with parents and students.  At this time we endeavour to establish the best curriculum for the individual.  It is said that children are like seeds, which contain everything they need to grow. However, unlike seeds, children need to experience a range of stimuli to find out what the future will hold for them.

We broadly follow the Cambridge International curriculum in terms of content. This means that in Secondary, there are foundation groups for English, Mathematics and Science. However, IGCSE level courses are taught alongside, in those subjects for which we feel the students have a natural strength or are near to exam level competence. This usually results in shorter timescales to exam readiness, with very few subjects requiring a full 5 years’ study. In addition, this removes the stress of juggling maybe over 10 subjects to exam day at the age of 16. There are no age restrictions and official examination sessions are held twice a year in June and November.

Timetable & Class Size


Our standard class size is 6 students, but if you wish you can pay extra and have your child educated in a pair or even individually. 


We are open from 0900 to 1400.   However, your child does not have to attend for all 5 hours or spend all 5 hours with a teacher.  We provide classes based on a need basis.

  • 0900-0955 session 1
  • 0955-1005 break
  • 1005-1100 session 2
  • 1100-1155 session 3
  • 1155-1205 break
  • 1205-1300 session 4
  • 1300-1355 session 5

We aim to provide the foundation groups for English, Mathematics and Science during sessions 2 and 3. Sessions 4 and 5 are intended for IGCSE subject groups. Session 1 provides an opportunity for private study or ad hoc individual / paired classes.

Premises & Other Facilities


The premises are shared with the Academy, founded in 2004, which teaches languages and offers educational support for students of all ages, including those from state and international schools.

The current building was constructed in 2016 and designed for educational purposes.  All rooms are air-conditioned and benefit from natural light, except for one which can be used as a cinema room.  There is full Internet access throughout the building including wifi, a personal cloud and printing facilities.  

There are 12 classrooms suitable for between six and eight students and two rooms suitable for approximately 24 candidates for exam purposes.  All rooms have a standard whiteboard, modern furniture suitable for individual and group activities, display board, clock etc.  In addition, the school has digital projectors, video cameras, audio systems and laptops.

The building has a small library, a staffroom, toilet facilities that meet national legislation, a light and airy reception area with facilities for parents to wait for their children and a back office with reprographics and secure document storage.


In the afternoons, we encourage parents to involve their children in local sports activities and socialise. Although there are no sports facilities onsite, we recommend the local facilities at Hacienda Del Alamo which include tennis, paddle tennis, football, rugby, basketball and lawn bowls  which can be hired as required and come with appropriately trained teaching staff. Golf is naturally another sporting option at this international resort.

The area around Fuente Álamo de Murcia and the Campo de Cartagena has many facilities. If you have something in mind, we will endeavour to find you a venue.

Alternatively, come to the Academy in the afternoons and join other students in studying a foreign language. At present the Academy offers French, German, Spanish and Arabic as well as English. This is a great opportunity to mix with Spanish students as well as those from a variety of countries.


Our welcoming reception area

Students can begin their education with us at any time during the academic year

Our term dates for 2020-2021 are:

  • Autumn term
  • Spring term
  • Summer term


We are a Centre for Supporting Education and this means we will support your child’s learning depending on the home-teaching balance you seek.

For students who are native English speakers there are no requirements for entry.  If your child is not native they will need to have a good level of English. This need not be a recognised certificate and as a general rule we accept B1 for lower secondary and B2 for upper secondary.

We have a policy of mixed age classes with lower secondary starting around age 11. Please ask about individual requirements.


Our prices for tuition are very reasonable when compared with other international schools in the Region of Murcia. At present, parents looking for an English-based international education for their child can choose from one other recognised Cambridge International School, ELIS. Other options include New Castelar or King’s College Murcia.

It is our goal to be the Centre for Supporting Education based from our Fuente Álamo premises. By working with your educational aspirations for your child and your personal input, we can form a learning partnership, resulting in flexibility in the contact teaching hours your child needs. Our policy of not setting a fixed termly amount for your child’s tuition, means that you can decide how much time you want to spend home-educating and how much support you need.

The price of registering new students with the school for 2020-2021 is 250€ non-refundable. This helps us to set up your child’s profile with Cambridge International. Returning students will pay a reduced amount, xxx€

Prices per class (55 minutes) €

  • 6€ Standard class of 6 students
  • 18€ Paired class
  • 36€ Individual class
  • 2€ Private study using the school facilities

If your child is the only learner wishing to take a specific subject then we will negotiate a price with you, based on your individual circumstances.

Payments are made monthly in advance, during the third week of the preceding month, and can be adjusted if your child needs more or less support during specific periods of their education. You can add private study or extra tutoring on a monthly basis depending on the level support you would like your child to receive. Payments can be made by card or bank transfer.

Even attending our school for 5 hours, 5 days a week, a typical month could cost as little as 500€. This is a massive saving when compared to the other international schools in the Region of Murcia. Even if you were to send your child to us for the full 190 days per year, in a group for 5 hours per day, it would cost just over 50% of the published fees for King’s College. Please ask for a personalised illustration.

Uniform, Books & Equipment


Rather than enforcing an expensive uniform, we ask that pupils come comfortably dressed for the school day.  We request that clothing should be neither highly fashionable nor indiscreet and that footwear should be sensible, with non-marking soles. On registration with the school, each student will be given a school bag, with our logo, for daily use.


All our course books are Cambridge authentic materials and books can be purchased through the Academy. As we receive a substantial discount which we pass on to students, the price we offer is very competitive.  We will NOT allow photocopies of full course books to be used; it is a breach of copyright law.


Every student will need: 

  • their own course books (suitable exercise books will be given as required)
  • a pencil case containing pencils, pencil sharpener, rubber, pen, pencil crayons, ruler, protractor, a pair of compasses (the school will give every student a calculator)
  • a laptop or tablet capable of connecting to the Internet (WiFi is available onsite)
  • a labelled refillable bottle for water (filtered water is available onsite)
  • a snack in a labelled box
  • under COVID19 rules, their own PPE and health control

Behaviour, Policies & Guidelines


As a corner stone of our mission is to foster mutual respect, we ask that all pupils (and staff) refrain from the following:-

  • Verbal aggression (name calling etc)
  • Physical aggression (biting, hitting etc)
  • The use of bad or inappropriate language
  • Behaviour deemed inappropriate for the age of the person
  • Using mobile phones for social purposes during class time

 This list is not exhaustive.

Text about policies and guidelines


We offer a wide range of examinations, twice a year, with very competitive fees

Cambridge Assessment International Education offers a wide range of IGCSEs. For a full list please click here. Depending on demand, we can order any of these exams to suit your needs, even though as a school we do not teach all of them!

Internal Candidates

An internal candidate is defined as a candidate who has been with the school for at least two terms studying the subject they wish to take for at least 4 hours per week.  Please note the closing dates for both the November and June examination sessions.

Based on 2020 prices,

  • a typical IGCSE written examination will cost 90€
  • a typical IGCSE spoken examination will cost x?

External Candidates

We welcome external candidates. There is an initial administration charge of 100€ to register you as a student with Cambridge, but this can be waived at the Headteacher’s discretion. Please note the closing dates for both the November and June examination sessions.

Based on 2020 prices,

  • a typical IGCSE written examination will cost 150€
  • a typical IGCSE spoken examination will cost x?
One of our authorised examination rooms