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Welcome back to CSE Murcia Academy

Our Academy in Cartagena restarted on 14th September with its own safety modifications, timetable and pricing.

In Fuente Álamo, we are gradually restarting classes.  The B1 SEF course restarted on 15th September and business courses are starting throughout the month.  On 21st we start with those interested in English classes.  Later, on 5th October we will begin our timetable for French, German, Spanish and School Subject Support.  However, when timetable availability allows, we welcome students to start studying with us for our all our activities throughout the academic year.

We ask all students only to come to the Academy when they are fit and well and to bring (and take home with them!):

  • their own books or study material (including material used last academic year)
  • their pencil case / writing materials
  • a drink in an identifiable container
  • a personal supply of hand sanitizer
  • a mask or similar face covering. 

Those students who do not bring a mask will NOT be able to enter the Academy.  Any student who registers an elevated temperature when checked in reception, will NOT be allowed to go to class.

These are some of the measures we have put in place:

  • General cleaning of the Academy 3 times a day
  • Specific classroom cleaning between each group
  • Spacing markers outside the Academy
  • Perspex screens in reception
  • Non-contact thermometer “gun” to check both staff and student temperatures
  • Gel point in reception and throughout the Academy
  • Lidded pedal bins in the classrooms
  • Separation of all classroom desks
  • Fresh air through fly-screened windows
  • Full air renewal via turbines several times per day
  • Hospital grade hand dryers in the bathrooms
  • New signage throughout the building

For your information, we are increasing our group rates by 50 cents:

  • Infants, Primary, Secondary and Bachiller students from 5,00€ an hour to 5,50€
  • Adults and University students from 6,00€ an hour to 6,50€
  • All other pricing remains the same (link)

Technically all our classes are now 55 minutes to give time for cleaning and ventilation between groups.  So, in the afternoons, your class schedule will be one of the following:

  • Infants classes
    • on Tuesdays 1600-1725 or 1735-1900
    • on Fridays 1615-1740
    • on Saturdays 1015-1140
  • “Hour” classes (for any subject)
    • 1605-1700 or 1705-1800 or 1805-1900 or 1905-2000 or 2005-2100
  • “Hour and a half” classes (mostly Cambridge for Primary)
    • 1600-1725 or 1735-1900
  • “2 hours” classes (for any subject)
    • 1600-1750 or 1810-2000 or 1910-2100
  • Saturdays 1000-1150 or 1210-1400
  • Morning timetables are also available from Monday to Friday.

We politely request that you try to keep to your timetable so that we can keep separation between groups of students entering and leaving the building.

This first term will finish on 19th December.  We are offering both face to face and online courses depending on our students’ needs.  However, if for health reasons the situation requires remote teaching, we are prepared to offer this for all our students and so provide continuity for learning.